Legends of the 60s


Join a multi award-winning all-star cast of musicians and singers Stephen, Raymond and Chris for the musical masterpiece that is the “Legends of the 60's Show”.

The show with the ultimate feelgood factor will transport you all the way hand clapping, swinging and singing back to that magical golden decade that was the 1960’s. Whether you come to relive your childhood memories or you just simply want to see what your parents have been raving about for all these years, this is the No.1 live show to see.

Performing high quality tributes to icons like Elvis, The Beatles, The Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, The Beach Boys and the Drifters to name but a small few, all in one night, let us deliver to you an entertaining musical live experience featuring over 40 iconic hit songs never to be forgotten!

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