JMG Songwriting

JMG Music Group over the course of the last 5 years have now become a major force in songwriting circles locally and Internationally and have been delighted to write songs for a host of leading Country Music stars in Ireland which has accumulated to over 20 million social media views and countless No.1s on the UK and Irish iTunes chart with our songs regularly featured on TV and Radio platforms all across the world. We have a super network of colleagues in the recording, filming, promotion and publishing sectors that have been instrumental in our success. Over the course of the next few years it is our aim to expand our portfolio of songs to other genres and have artists from around the world record our music. We were also delighted to write the anti bullying song "Broken" a few years back which was recorded by Loey.

Some of the Stars that have recorded our songs include;

  • Robert Mizzell

  • Patrick Feeney

  • Owen Mac

  • Keltic Storm

  • Louise Morrisey

  • Ritchie Remo

  • Loey

  • John Garrity

  • Trevor Loughrey

  • Gary Gamble

  • Stephen Smyth

  • Gavin Gribben

  • Cowboy Larry

  • Frank McCaffrey

  • Joe Moore

  • The 4X4s

  • Curtis Magee

  • David James

  • Elaine Boyle


If you would like to hear some of our demos to consider as a single or album track please contact us via our Contact Page Form >